VGA Planets 2

(VGA) Planets is a turn-based space strategy game, played originally as play-by-email or play-on-BBS.  It focuses heavily on top-level strategy, diplomacy, and detailed logistics.  It is a simple-yet-complex game with basic graphics, and has been recently re-worked such that it can be played in a browser (hosted on  It has been played since 1992, and is still going strong.  The downside (or upside?) is that it’s a game where you need to commit several months of playing to see a game to completion, but you have plenty of time to think, communicate and strategize.

General Strategy

 The Races of Planets

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2 thoughts on “VGA Planets

  • AleOrtu from Argentina

    Thank you very much, this is a great compilation of hints, strategy, useful links… A great reference page to have in favorites at the reach of the hand.

  • Lord Krell

    Site needs a few updates. The Horwasps need to be included in the Race desdription, as well as the data concerning them.

    Otherwise your site is stellar!

    Thanks for taking the time to develop it.