Pathfinder: [Best of] Commonly Overlooked Tactics

A post by Rycaut:

Rogues waiting for flanking to get sneak attacks should be [a] day one lesson on “how to be an effective PF rogue”. Really really basic move players should master.

More basic still but some folks don’t get so it’s worth repeating:

1. Rogues and anyone w/sneak attacks should if possible have a ranged, usable-in-a-surprise-round way to deliver a sneak attack. Only useful if you get a surprise round and are 30′ (35′ [with a 5ft step]) away from the enemy, but well worth pulling off if you can. Minor magic for acid splash works well – ranged touch is far easier to hit with.

2. For everyone, but especially rogues, closing to get an attack while opponents are still flatfooted can be really valuable

3. After you have buffed – spread out to avoid being in “fireball” formation (lines are just as deadly as being clustered together.

(Buff, Buff, Buff – sure Bless is “just” +1 but that is akin to a full BAB hitting as if they were one level higher and the impact on non-full BAB classes is even higher – yes not quite as good as a real level but still very helpful. Start having Divine and Bardic casters buffing at the same time and you suddenly are acting as 4-6 levels higher – makes a huge impact on the battle and everyone’s survivability.

4. READY actions. Both the “wait until I have flanking” but also attacking a caster at range but only have a single attack – frequently your best move is to ready an attack to attack the caster as she is about to cast a spell – occasionally she may surprise you and not cast during her turn – but if she does then you’re likely reasonably happy as a party anyway.

5. Know your options like Attacking defensiely, total defense and any other special features of your class and items.

6. Know how to use acrobatics to avoid AoO (as well as the benefits of having at least 3 ranks of Acrobatics when you attack defensively or use total defense)

(Re-worded ) tips by Benrislove and echoed by Kyle Baird

  • Delay until after Buffer / Controller’s initiative. Wait until monster charges and does his standard attack, then YOU get your full attack.
  • OR
  • Ready an attack to brace, disarm, trip or sunder the first enemy to move within your reach.
  • OR
  • Back out [of the room] and close the door. Buff. Ready missile weapons. Get in cover. Re-arrange your marching order if needed.

By nosig

  • If the monster has more than two attacks, and you only have one? Attack and MOVE AWAY. It gets an AOO and an attack when it closes – rather than 3 attacks (esp. useful when fighting ghouls).
  • [Reworded]: Cast invisibility on the door. Look surprised. Your light should shine into the room so you can see the enemy, and the enemy might charge or fire at… the door.

By Walter Sheppard 

  • Be creative. Tell your GM what your thinking of doing and they’ll work with you to make it happen. The reason you’re playing a [pen-and-pencil RPG] instead of an MMO is because you like thinking outside the box, right? So do that.

By: Jason Wu

  • Instead of pouch-of-chalk/flour, or Create Water to find invisible creatures… use chili powder or pepper.