Working with Allies 2

Tips on working with allies:

  • You can’t transfer cargo or fuel to cloaked allied ships, regardless of Friendly Codes
  • You can “give” a starbase to an ally (via ground assault) with torps, engines, beams, and launchers.  Hulls won’t transfer, though.
  • Be brief – long messages take longer to read, and things get missed.
  • Use ship and planet IDs when referring to any ship or planet.
  • “Unload Freighters” with matching friendly codes, can save a turn when delivering minerals to an allied starbase-planet.
  • “gsX” commands occur after movement, and require the receiver to have a ship with a clan on board at that location.
  • It is easier for 1 player to command a fleet.  Mixed fleets can be a battle-order nightmare.
  • You will get much more benefit from an alliance if both players will commit to a game-long alliance – this allows you to trade ships and resources freely, and allow the race with ship-bonuses (Feds, Lizards, Fascists) to enhance the alliance’s combat capabilities.  This arrangement only works in games where a permanent ally is allowed for the victory condition.
  • Coordinate objectives every turn.
  • Build forward-placed starbases
  • Allow your allies to build one starbase in your territory.

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2 thoughts on “Working with Allies

  • Legbreaker

    One thing:
    As far as I am concerned, GSX happens before movement.
    That’s why the ‘giver’ can already set the ship’s waypoint, then GSX and the ship will arrive at the destination with ownership changed.



    • gamemaster Post author

      I’m not 100% sure myself – it’s been awhile since I’ve played. Anyone pursuing this, please check the current game state/rules before you make decisions based on this article!