Halflings 4

Halflings Playing Board

Faction Strength: 4

Faction Summary:


Get 1 additional Victory point for each Spade you get throughout the game (regardless of the way you get the Spade).


After building the Stronghold, immediately and only once get 3 Spades to apply on Terrain spaces following the general rules. You may build a Dwelling on exactly one of these spaces by paying its costs.

Faction Overview:

The Halflings are given bonus points for Transforming terrain, and thus upgrading their Spade efficiency is very important (but it’s also relatively inexpensive). As such, the Round Tile that gives points for Transform actions synergizes very well with the Halflings.

There are some good placement spots on the right side of the (original) map, where the Halflings can get to several good expansion spots, and then several more in a group.

Halfling Strategy:

Your first bonus tile should be a priest, a spade, or 2 workers. You want to terraform something immediately, and build dwellings for the first turn such that you can get a larger worker income. If you take the priest, you will upgrade your Spades efficiency first. If you didn’t manage to grab a priest, sacrificing 3 power the first turn to buy a priest using power isn’t a bad choice either.

The main problem you’ll have as a Halfling is running out of Dwellings to place! Because Transform actions give you points, you’re going to want to sweep across the board, claiming space for yourself. This means grabbing spots to avoid getting blocked in is tremendously important.

Recommended Starting Locations (Standard Map)

F-10 & I-8

F-10 & F-12

B-4 & E-6

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