Cobol Towing & Fuel Usage

I always wondered what I could tow with a Cobol and not run out of fuel, or how much fuel I’d have to put on my Cobol, based on what I was towing and how far I wanted to get.  Here are the answers for some common situations.

Assumptions:  All ships full of cargo (except Virgo = 125 fighters only).  Cobol starts with full fuel.  Towed ship starts with 1 fuel except where noted (f):

ShipsMass81 ly162 ly243 ly
Empty Cobol123152305457
Full Cobol (50)459125249374
Full Cobol (450)85992185277
Cobol(50) + Gemini100481162243
Cobol + Gemini14044997146
Cobol + Virgo1615316292
Cobol + Gemini (f)1754204061
Cobol(50) + LDSF1790173451
Cobol(250) + LDSF1990122
Cobol(450) + LDSF2190-15-31-46
Cobol + LDSF (f)2790-64-128-192
Cobol + Virgo (f)3165-95-190-284
Cobol + STF3620-131-262-394

(f) = towed ship is full of fuel


A Cobol can tow a total mass (including itself) of 2000 kt an infinite distance.  This means:

  • If towing a Virgo, don’t put more than 525 in [fuel + fighters + cargo] on the Virgo, and you can tow it forever.
  • If towing a LDSF w/1200 cargo with a Cobol (w/ 260 cargo), only add a maximum of 250 fuel between both ships.
  • The Cobol will gain fuel when towing a Gemini, even if both ships are full (of fuel and cargo)
  • You can tow a cargo-laden Super Transport Freighter (STF) with a full Cobol, and escort it with a near-empty Cobol (50 fuel only), and if you keep transferring fuel from the empty Cobol, you’ll never run dry.

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