Beginner Tips

General Tips:

  • Big ships matter a lot more than little ships
    • Little ships for harassment, big ships (big carriers and battleships) for actual fighting
  • Minefields are a very important defensive resource.  Renew your minefields!
  • Spending time on diplomacy is never a waste.  Don’t just “play your turn”.  Talk it up!
  • New players give up easily, and often much too soon.
  • A lost battle doesn’t mean a lost war.  Don’t quit too early!
  • Score isn’t everything:
    • A high number of planets often means a player’s ships could be really spread out
    • A high number of ships can mean that the player has a lot of crappy little ships and only a few really big capital ships
    • A high military score could mean that the player has built “warships” that are actually Merlins or Neutronic Refineries.
  • Reaping the spoils of war is a long process.  Shorten it by bringing clans!
  • Some races need an early 2nd starbase.
  • Higher numbers of Starbases become more important as the game progresses.
  • On the Planets.Nu host, your cloaker will decloak to attack if you have your primary enemy set (see Cloaking rules on that host).


  • Build something every turn, with every starbase, even if only a Small Deep Space Freighter (SDSF) with low-tech engines.  You want to be able to control when ship slots are available!  (there are exceptions to this based on host settings and situations – in Production Queue games, it’s often better to collect PBPs and not build a SDSF with the starbase).
  • Most races have a “utility ship” that is cheap to build and effective even with lower-tech (Nova 5) engines.
  • Learn the best technology breakpoints and how to equip your ships.
  • Ships with 1-2 Beams have trouble taking out even planets with zero (0) defense posts if all they have is Lasers or X-Rays (the battle times out before they can capture the planet).  Use Blasters or better on your small scouts – it is worth the resources.


  • Get an ally.  The best ally to have is often the best player among your two neighbours, regardless of race.
  • Share as much info as possible with your ally.
  • Do not let your ally get in a position where he can take you out swiftly (for example. when he’s controlling lots of warships around your core worlds).
  • Deny information to your enemies and neutrals.
  • Do not give away any information for free.
  • Trade information.  Often you can trade ship sightings with other players, and get an idea of where the various races are located.


  • Big ships fight other ships and starbases.
    • Big ships (Battleships and Carriers) with basic weapons (X-rays, Mark 4’s) still easily beat medium ships with the best weapons.
  • Medium ships fight planets and freighters, and lay mines.
  • Small ships scout and harass freighters


  • Planning for fuel is a big part of an invasion
  • Sudden, massive strikes, or hitting several points at once is the most effective way to start a war. Ramping up your attacks allows your victim to ramp up with you.
  • Secure your back (with a treaty), then be first to attack.  You want combat to take place around his planets, not yours!
  • Always follow an invasion force with supply ships (fighter builders and freighters with clans and supplies).  You need to build a supply base for your next push.
  • Escort your supply ships with medium warships when in combat zones.
  • Bring more torpedoes/fighters than you think you need.  Battleships without torpedoes are easily destroyed.
  • Lay offensive minefields to:
    • counter defensive mine-laying
    • damage defender reinforcements
    • prevent smaller ships and freighters from fleeing safely.


  • Scouting is your best early defense.  Know what’s coming.
  • Don’t fight battles you can’t win.  Do your Simcraft, and pull ships away if you can’t get at least a good exchange of ships by fighting.
  • Always counterattack after repelling an attack.  Your attacker probably has less than you think, and if he has more, then it doesn’t matter anyway.
  • Use the Scorched Earth defense – do not leave resources, especially Neutronium (fuel) and MC (money), for your opponent to grab.  If you aren’t defending the planet with an expectation to win, leave nothing for the conqueror.
  • Try to draw off attackers by going around them with a medium warship and harassing their planets or support fleet.
  • Expect sneaky cloaker tactics from attacking cloaker races (Lizards, Birds, Fascists, Privateers).
  • A mix of large and medium warships gives you better defensive response options than a lot of large ships.  Don’t chase raiding destroyers with battleships!
  • For planetary defenses, max your planetary Defense Posts first.  Aside from defensive ships, Starbase Fighters are your best option when equipping starbases with static defenses.


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