Perception: Get more detail about enemies

Ever had a BBEG (Big Bad Evil Guy) down to single-digit hit points, and then have him whip a potion off his belt and re-set the encounter? Ever charge into a group of enemies, only to find that they have spears to set against your charge? Ever fight an unknown aberration, only to find out that it has 5 appendages to attack with? Why not ask some easy questions first, when your DM doesn’t give you all the details?

Free action questions:

  • What weapons / armor do they have? Are they all armed approximately the same? (note: armor can be sundered)
  • How many sharp appendages do they have?
  • What type & colour of skin do they have? Rough/smooth? (may give hints to natural armor, resistances or affinities)

Perception-check (standard action) questions:

  • Are they carrying any symbols? (holy symbols?)
  • Do they have anything on their belts? (potions, flasks, wands, spell component pouches?)
  • Do they move with grace, or in a lumbering fashion? (may give hints to speed or high touch AC).