Pathfinder – House Rules

I’m adopting a bunch of house rules in my campaign:

  • Rogue Changes (you can use these, the zaxx rogue, or paizo’s Unchained Rogue):
    • 2nd Level:  Surprise Attack – Rogue uses full-BAB and performs a single attack of +1d6 per Rogue level when attacking a target who doesn’t know it’s in combat, or doesn’t know the rogue is part of the combat.
      • Attacking and vanishing does not remove the awareness of enemies that “something else” is now part of the combat, and thus doesn’t allow a rogue to Surprise Attack more than once per combat, unless more enemies join the combat when the rogue isn’t attacking (invisible or otherwise – new enemies could get an idea that an invisible enemy is present if they see one of their allies interacting with an invisible opponent).
      • For those who think this is overpowered, consider that a Wizard could cast a silenced spell while invisible, which does d6 dmg per level, and doesn’t need to roll to-hit… and yes, it means that a Rogue could potentially take out an unlimited number of singleton enemies if she stayed undetected.
    • 2nd Level:  Rogues are allowed to take Ninja Tricks instead of Rogue Talents, and gain a Ki pool of 1 for each Ninja Trick they take.
    • 3rd Level:  Rogues get +4 to hit when flanking, instead of +2.  This does not stack with teamwork feats that gives bonuses to hit for flanking.
    • 3rd Level:  Rogues roll d10+10 rather than d20 for their stealth checks (from and their post on suggested rogue changes)
    • 3rd Level:  Rogues get an ability called Cunning, which allows them a d20 re-roll, once per day for every 3 Rogue levels they have (Ciaran Barnes & rainzax‘ discussion)
  • Caster Changes:
    • Casters don’t get bonus spells-per-day from their ability scores (similar to 5th edition).
    • Find Traps is no longer on any spell lists (you get to find it the hard way if you don’t have a Trap Spotter).
    • Knock is no longer on any spell lists (find another creative way to get stuff open, or to get through the material).
    • Cure spells cannot be put into wands (no more cheap Cure Light Wounds wands!)
      • This keeps potions viable, and gives a reason to take daily higher-level Cure spells, and to continue brewing potions.
  • Elimination of “Feat Taxes” (mostly benefits non-caster classes):
  • Resting:
    • You cannot rest to regain spells or hp more frequently than once every 12 hours.