The Evil Empire

Do I have to be evil to play the Empire?  Well, actually, it’s a misnomer – the Empire needs allies even more badly than other races, as they lack any early economic advantages, and they don’t have much in the way of early-strike capability.  So no – you can’t be evil – you have to be nicey-nicey, at least until the very end of the game.  Even then, rubbing it in isn’t good for your reputation in the community…

Empire Advantages:

  • 5 “Free” fighters at each starbase each turn (still cost minerals)
  • Dark Sense mission – allows location of enemy colonists regardless of Defense Posts
  • Imperial Assault – Super Star Destroyer mission can capture a planet using 10 clans
  • Powerful large and medium carriers
  • Hyper ship:  the Probe

What the Empire Needs:

  • A decent minelaying ship (preferably cloaking)
  • An ally with an economic advantage, or the ability to build fighters in space (or both)
  • Time to develop:
    • Lots of starbases for fighters & defense
    • Lots of fuel for their big hulls

Good Allies:

Anyone, really, but especially:

Feds:  Taxation bonus, Refit and Combat bonuses (shields recharge, fighter bay bonus)

Lizards:  Hiss, Mining, Cloakers, Ground Attack, 150% hull damage

Rebels:  Dark Sense + Rebel Ground Attack, cheap fighters, lots of utility and smaller ships

Colonies:  Cheap fighters, fuel makers (Cobol, Aries), no fear of minefields, lots of utility ships


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