Cultists 4

Cultist Playing Board

Faction Strength: 3

Faction Summary


Whenever at least one of your opponents decides to take Power due to your building activity, advance 1 space on a Cult track of your choice. (You only get to advance 1 space in total regardless of the number of opponents taking Power. If all of your opponents refuse to take Power, do not advance on a Cult track, instead gain exactly one Power.)


After building the Stronghold, immediately and only once get 7 Victory points.

Faction Overview

Cultists, due to the nature of their Faction ability, are better with 4-5 players. They are also best played by a diplomatic player, who can encourage others to take power from cultist building activities…

Because you always want to build with adjacency whenever possible, it’s valuable to upgrade Spade efficiency, and follow your opponents as they expand.

One of the key factors of playing the cultists is that you can effectively deny other players from taking adjacency power, but either way, they give you a boost in either power or on the Cult track.

Starting Locations

Your optimal starting locations will depend on your opponents, as you want to have room to expand yourself, but you also want to linger near others. Thus, all starting locations can be considered situational

Recommended Starting Locations

Two of F-10, F-12, D-12, and H-11 (area dominance)

B-4 & E-6

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4 thoughts on “Cultists

  • snakeixir

    cultists are the best faction, (one could argue darklings are better i guess, but genrally it is a consensus that cultists are better. pleasr move thier power rating up to 5