Pathfinder Race: Ursinoid

I always wondered why there were no bear-people (aside from werebears) in Pathfinder. Here’s a race made up with a 10-point RP build.

+2 Str +2 Con -2 Wis (1 RP specialized)
+fearless trait +2 vs fear (1 RP)
+healthy +4 disease & poison (2 RP)
+low light vision (1 RP)
+Natural armor +1 (1 RP)
+bite d4 (1 RP)
+relentless +2 bullrush & overrun (1 RP)
+claws d4 (2 RP)

Alternate traits:
— Developed senses: Scent instead of bite, claws, fearless
— Wild on the inside: Ferocity instead of claws, bite & nat armor
— Faster than it looks: Sprinter instead of relentless
— Born in the Wild: Climb & Swim trained instead of Fearless
– Tank: Toughness, Improved Nat armor instead of Healthy & Relentless

— Beast: armor, tough, bite, claws
— Predator: sprinter, scent

— Druid must take bear druid archetype
— Barbarian class must take Wild on the inside alternate trait (for balance reasons: 3 natural attacks and rage at first level is a bit too good)