Fixing Fighters and Rogues

Some ideas for fixing the “linear fighter vs. quadratic wizard (caster)” problem:


  • Adopt the feat suggestions from Elephant in the Room‘s feat tax post (condenses various feats, removes some “feat taxes”)
  • Give them a Good Will save.  Why shouldn’t fighters be tough mentally as well?  +1 for Bravery isn’t cutting it…
  • Give them a small amount of Spell Resistance starting at Level 8 or so.  The intent is to make them less vulnerable to low-level spells and low-level casters
  • Improve shields:
    • Why?  Sword-and-board isn’t a very popular build.  Why?  Because the armor bonus ceases to matter if you can kill enemies before they kill you.
    • What?  Maybe feats can be taken to improve reflex save, or add shield bonus to reflex save.  In later levels, deflecting or reflecting direct-attack spells such as Lightning Bolt would make some sense – don’t we see that in movies and lore?  And what about a feat to jump in front of others, as an immediate action, to shield them from harm?


Similar to Unchained, but adding even more:

  • Weapon Finesse, Dodge and Mobility at Level 1.
  • Remove distance limit on sneak attack damage, but possibly add additional penalties to range.  Everyone wants to be a sniper, right?
  • Use Unchained Skill Unlocks.
  • Allow Hide in Plain Sight at around L8-10
  • Allow the first surprise-round sneak attack to do d6/level damage – while this may seem overpowered, that’s basically what arcane spellcasters get on their shocking grasp, lightning bolt, etc.  I don’t see why Rogues shouldn’t be able to equal their Nova damage.  This change would also help “sniper” builds be feasible.
  • Add a feat to allow +10 feet to sneak attack range.  Feat can be taken up to 3 times?

… I haven’t tested these yet.