Pathfinder – Common Eidolon Questions

Common Eidolon Questions:

1. Does the Monster feat “Improved Natural Attack” and the Eidolon Evolution “Improved Damage”, stack?

Relevant Paizo Developer Response

Paizo Forum Post – A summary of both rules (in the first post), and some considerations in interpreting the rules.

My conclusion:  Both the feat and the evolution say “increase die by one step”, which means they don’t stack.  However, you CAN cast Enlarge Person on your Eidolon, and that WILL stack.

2. Can you have both a slam attack and claws on the same limbs(arms)?

Paizo Forum Post (inconclusive)

Another Paizo Post (some good thinking)

My conclusion:  No.  Also, the Slam takes both arms to use, so you also can’t Claw+Slam with the same pair of limbs(arms), even if you buy more Claws.

3. The conclusive FAQ from paizo about claws on feet for bipeds.  The short answer is “no”.

Attack Configurations for (low-level) Bipeds:

  1. Claw/Claw (0 points, d4/d4)
  2. Claw/Claw/Bite (1 point, d4/d4/d6)
  3. Claw/Claw, Improved Damage (claws) (1 point, d6/d6)
  4. Slam (1 point, d8) – claws replaced
  5. Slam/Bite (2 points, d8, d6)
  6. Claw/Claw/Bite, Improved Damage (bite) (2 points, d4/d4/d8)
  7. Claw/Claw/Bite, Improved Damage (claws) (2 points, d6/d6/d6)
  8. Slam + Improved Damage (slam) (2 points, 2d6) – one attack
  9. Slam/Bite, Improved Damage (slam) (3 points, 2d6, d6)
    • with Power Attack feat and default 16 str, this becomes 2d6+5 and d6+5 = average 21 dmg.
    • AOO damage = 2d6+3 (2d6 + 5 w/Power Attack)
  10. Claw/Claw/Claw/Claw (extra limbs + extra claws) (3 points, d4/d4/d4/d4):
    • with Power Attack feat and default 16 str, this becomes 4 @ d4+5, or 5-9 dmg per attack (avg 7 dmg each or 28 dmg)
    • AOO damage = d4+3 (d4+5 w/Power Attack)


  • Because of AOO’s and Standard-action attacks (i.e. when you can’t full-attack), and Damage Reduction (DR), it’s generally considered that higher-damage attacks are better than lower-damage attacks, and the evolution-point cost reflects this idea.
  • If you want more damage / attack, it’s generally better to burn a feat and get Power Attack than use up Evo points for Improved Damage.