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(VGA) Planets is a turn-based space strategy game, played originally as play-by-email or play-on-BBS.  It focuses heavily on top-level strategy, diplomacy, and detailed logistics.  It is a simple-yet-complex game with basic graphics, and has been recently re-worked such that it can be played in a browser (hosted on  It has been played since 1992, and is still going strong.  The downside (or upside?) is that it’s a game where you need to commit several months of playing to see a game to completion, but you have plenty of time to think, communicate and strategize.

General Strategy

 The Races of Planets

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One thought on “VGA Planets

  • AleOrtu from Argentina

    Thank you very much, this is a great compilation of hints, strategy, useful links… A great reference page to have in favorites at the reach of the hand.