Engineers 1

Engineers Playing Board

Faction Strength: 3

Faction Overview


As an Action, you may build a Bridge for 2 Workers. (You may take this Action any number of times during a round. You may still build Bridges via the respective Power action.)


After building the Stronghold, each round when passing, get 3 Victory points for each Bridge connecting two of your Structures.

Engineer Strategy

The Engineers must be played as an upgrading Faction, rather than a rapid-expansion one. Not only do they get very little starting resources, but they also cannot build mass Dwellings to rapidly increase their worker income. In fact, it’s actually Power which drives their economies.

Your first Dig action should be using the Power Action: Transform, if at all possible.  Using your precious workers for a single Transform action is a waste.  Because upgrading is so cheap, if you’re short on workers, upgrade instead of expanding – at least in the beginning.

By the fourth round of the game, you want to have a Stronghold and at least one (1) Bridge, for the bonus VPs.

Adjacency is Important!

Because you are so limited on workers, especially at the start, you need to start adjacent to another player, and having both Dwellings adjacent is far better.  Yes, it’s fun to build Bridges, but don’t get stuck on that – if you get a bad start, the game is over for you.  Thus, all starting locations are situational.

Situational Starting Locations

C-11 and F-11 (must grab E-11 first turn)

C-5 & E-7 (must grab D-6 first turn – don’t play against red Factions!)

F-1 & G-4 (shipping Bonus Tile almost a necessity)

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One thought on “Engineers

  • MatthijsW

    My favourite opening with engineers is to build two temples and, if possible, a dwelling. This requires five workers and twelve gold. To get those, the sanctuary/stronghold bonus card is a good option. Use power to get the extra coins. You then start with a lot of power income, a priest and two bonus cards (get earth one or water one first, then earth two – the extra worker is important for engineers!)