Dwarves Playing Board

Faction Strength: 3

Faction Summary


When taking the „Transform and Build“ action, you may skip one Terrain or River space by paying 2 more Workers (Tunneling). Get 4 Victory points each time when Tunneling. You have no Shipping. In the final Area scoring, any Structures that can be reached via Tunneling are considered connected (regardless of the number of your leftover Workers).


After building the Stronghold, only pay 1 more Worker instead of 2 when Tunneling.

Dwarves’ Strategy

The dwarves have a decent chance at the maximum area scoring each game because anything they can tunnel to counts as indirectly connected. This means that unless other players collectively conspire to block you in, most of the time you’ll get every second square. However, this also makes it more difficult for you to get cities, so Transform key squares to connect your Dwellings before others move in to take those hexes.

The dwarves’ Faction power gives them these advantages:

1) They never have to upgrade shipping because of Tunneling

2) Tunneling prevents them from getting boxed in easily

Recommended Start Locations:

E-7 & F-11 or

C-5 & C-11

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