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Terra MysticaTerra Mystica

In this fantasy board game, you must change the landscape to your favoured terrain, and expand while others attempt to do the same.  There are many choices of bonuses in each of the six rounds of play, and various advances you can develop, in addition to your own Faction’s benefits.


Strategy Rating:  9 of 10

Number of Players:  2 to 5

Age range:  13+




You play the role of a farmer in this strategic board game.  A farmer?  Yes – of grain, vegetables, sheep and cattle.  But surprisingly, the amount of strategic depth to this game is staggering – in addition to Occupation and Improvement cards, more and more action squares become available as the game’s 14 rounds progress, and there are many ways to gain points.

Strategy Rating:  10

Number of Players:  2 to 5

Age Range:  13+


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